Cool Cat Cafe: Cajun Fish Tacos

Today at Cool Cats, I think I’ll have the Fish Tacos. I opt for the not-so-spicy version, although Cajun-style is also an option. In the heat, sometimes spicy works against my system, so I’ll play it safe, today. It already has fire roasted garlic chili aioli sauce in it, so I think that will suffice.

Along with the Fish Tacos, I also get a small container of pico de gallo salsa, and two pineapple wedges which looks like a nice complement to the meal.

The first bite is tasty, and about what you’d expect from a fish taco. Fish, tortilla, cabbage, sweet tartar sauce with some grated American cheese thrown on the top for good measure. Very good, better than average from some I’ve experienced previously on the island. I eat a few more bites, to get an idea of the individual flavors as they mix together on my palette. I try the pico de gallo on the next bite. The spicy mix blends beautifully with the taco and cheese, and makes it much more interesting to the tastebuds.

I order another container of the pico de gallo, which is quickly delivered to my table. The second taco will have a bit more of the salsa to help kick it up a notch. I recommend this meal, highly, as well as the excellent service here, with as the 50’s-style ambience.

The Cool Cat Cafe
658 Front St. #160
Lahaina, HI  96761

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