Cool Cat Cafe: Cajun Fish Tacos

Today at Cool Cats, I think I'll have the Fish Tacos. I opt for the not-so-spicy version, although Cajun-style is also an option. In the heat, sometimes spicy works against my system, so I'll play it safe, today. It already has fire roasted garlic chili aioli sauce in it, so I think that will suffice. Along with the … [Read more...]

Koa’s Seaside Grill: Koa’s Nachos with Chicken

Koa’s Seaside Grill offers a great tasting, generously portioned, plate of nachos and one of the best views on Front Street. By necessity, Koa’s Seaside Grill serves their nachos on two, yes two, plates. As our waiter explained the one plate goes in the oven and without the second plate, it would be impossible for the … [Read more...]

Cool Cat Cafe: The Leader of the Pack

The first time I ate at The Cool Cat Cafe was March 20, 2004. That’s the day I moved to Maui. The friends that we were staying with invited us to this great new burger place in Lahaina. Not ever having been to Maui before, I didn’t really know what to expect. Needless to say, the burger was great. I ordered the … [Read more...]

Captain Jacks Island Grill: Fish n Chips

As you might imagine, the Fish n Chips at Captain Jack's Island Grill is made from Ono rather than Alaskan Pollock or cod. And it really is "ono". We recently had the opportunity to try the Fish n Chips and were very pleased with the experience. The batter is crispy, not greasy. Captain Jack's uses large pieces of fish … [Read more...]

Cool Cat Cafe: Fish Tacos

Made with warm corn tortillas and topped with a flavorful and spicy (but not too hot) sauce, the fish tacos are one of the best fish tacos available anywhere. They are served open face and filled with so much fish, it's nearly impossible to fold them over like a taco. They are topped with shredded cabbage, garlic chili … [Read more...]

Nikki’s Pizza: Black Olive Pizza

Nikki's Pizza at Whaler's Village has one of the best pizzas on Maui. With a wide selection of available toppings, the kids always want black olive. Ardi and his crew are always friendly and polite. If you're here in the morning, Nikki's Pizza also serves breakfast. Nikki’s Pizza‎ 2435 Kaanapali Pkwy # … [Read more...]

Smokehouse BBQ: BBQ Beef Sandwich

Ever since Famous Dave's on Front Street closed a while back, people have been asking us, "Where is there a good place for BBQ on the west side?" Well, the answer is, and has been for years: "Smokehouse BBQ!" We arrived around 7:00pm and joined a few of our friends at the bar for a quick bite to eat. The State of the … [Read more...]

Sure Thing Burger: Beef Burger

The beef burger from Sure Thing Burger is mouth-wateringly good. It's a fantastic combination of flavors that range from the sweet freshness of the bun, which reminded me of King’s Hawaiian bread, to the savory sauteed onions and grilled beef patty. They add a perfect amount of house-made sauce, fresh tomato, and butter … [Read more...]