Slappy Cakes: Cook Your Own Breakfast

Slappy Cakes: Gary Making Pancakes

Slappy Cakes: Gary Making Pancakes

At Slappy Cakes in Lahaina, you have a menu which offers many choices of batters, fillings, and sauces, or syrups. They’ve been in business since 2009 in Portland, Oregon, and now we have them in Maui!

Even though they have suggested selections, you can mix and match anything you want, or even order it from the kitchen. But the fun of this place is that you cook your own pancakes at the table, on a little grill!

I chose Imo (purple sweet potato) batter with Mango topping, and a peanut-butter & coconut sauce to top it off. What a combo! This turned out to be my personal favorite, and also well-received among my dining companions.

My dining mate chose Buttermilk batter, with a Blueberry topping, and a Lemon-curd sauce, and my other friend chose a Chocolate batter, with Blueberry and Strawberry topping, and a maple syrup. These both tasted terrific, with the simpler batter assisting the sweeter flavors of the berries, but the lemon-curd sauce really took it to another level!

The chocolate with the fruit toppings was also good, and a different kind of experience with the different sweetnesses melding together.

We chose a “savory” selection from the menu consisting of a Vegetarian batter, adding some Mushroom and Goat Cheese topping, and finishing it off with bacon bits, as well. This tasted to me like a very good blintz, and a nice change of pace from the sweeter choices we made vis a vis the pancake combinations. Also well-liked by all of us at the table, and a break from the sweeter concoctions we made.

We also got the other bacons offered; more regular, Candied, and Chicken-fried bacon for a nice change of pace. The candied seemed to be the most favored, with crushed macadamia topping it and a sweet sauce. But you have to try the chicken-fried bacon to see the beauty of that one, as well!

We try different variations of each combo, and that’s the best part of the experience; the sense of community at the tables which only seat 4-6 people, so the best thing is to get some variety, and try a little of everything!

There was nothing we didn’t like, but the lemon-curd sauce and the peanut-butter & coconut sauce seemed to be our favorites. Try them all, and decide for yourself!

Keep in mind that the imo takes a bit longer to cook, so if you cook it on the center of the grill (which is hottest), you’ll have better and quicker results. Keep young hands away from the griddle by seating them at the end of the table or nearest the wall, furthest from the hot surface.

All in all, a great dining experience!

Slappy Cakes, Maui
3350 L Honoapiilani Rd #701
Lahaina, HI

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