Sugar Cane Maui: French Toast and Bacon

My daughter ordered the French Toast with a side of bacon. After a few bites, she decided it was ok if I tried some, too. Not a lot, just enough so I could write about it.

Sugar Cane Maui makes their own bacon. That is to say that they marinate it and smoke it themselves. And it shows. Very flavorful. We like it crispy.

Sugar Cane Maui: French Toast

Sugar Cane Maui: French Toast

The french toast was good, but the syrup was too sweet for me and should only be added a little at a time. Otherwise, the french toast may become inedible. Call me traditional, but I like french toast with a llitle powdered sugar and some maple syrup. This one had a citrus flavor that I just didn’t care for.

Sugar Cane Maui
736 Front Street
Lahaina, Maui 96761

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